We are engaged in consulting, science, and also publish a scientific journal.

We develop two areas of consulting: in the field of management of socio-economic systems and in the field of real estate.

Science and consulting as theory and practice are inseparable. Practical work gives a lot of real factual information necessary for scientific research. Scientific conclusions are applied in practice and are checked by practice.

The publication of the scientific journal is connected with scientific activity. Publication of research results is a mechanism that allows scientists to exchange information and assess the level of scientific work.


The scientific peer-reviewed journal “Systems and Management” (http://www.sysnmgt.ru) is published since 2019. The journal is devoted to the issues of management, economics and law in modern society in the conditions of rapid development of information and communication technologies. The journal publishes scientific articles on three groups of scientific specialties:

05.13.00 Informatics, computer engineering and management;
08.00.00 Economic science;
12.00.00 Legal Sciences.

Articles reflecting the results of research in the field of information and communication technologies, economics and law are accepted for publication in the journal “Systems and Management”. Interdisciplinary research is welcome.

Good, high-quality articles are published free of charge, bad articles are not published at all.


Science for mankind is the main source of new knowledge. Scientific and technical achievements are the basis of progress. Conditions for the exchange of views, discussions, joint research of scientists of various specialties, which united by one big and very important topic – the management of socio-economic objects are created on the basis of LLC “Centre for problems of control and security”.

A lot of research is devoted to the topic of interdisciplinarity in science, their main conclusions indicate the need for and high efficiency of interdisciplinary research. The need for an interdisciplinary approach is often encountered not only in theoretical studies, but also in solving practical problems. Thus, the development and implementation of an automated control system requires not only the development of the software itself, but also the economic calculations, analysis and reengineering of business processes, the adoption of normative legal acts at the appropriate level. Nowadays, many research topics are interdisciplinary “by definition”: technological entrepreneurship, technological project management, automated information systems, ERP systems, banking information technologies, high technologies in life safety, intelligent information systems, artificial intelligence, modeling and optimization of processes and systems, data analysis, information security, analysis and forecasting of the national economy, mathematical and instrumental methods of economics, digital economy, financial and investment analysis of innovation, innovative technologies in accounting, automation of financial and economic activities of enterprises, information technology in tax administration, economic security, tax law, computer forensics, computer science in law, patent law and copyright in information technology.


Real estate consulting is a separate area of our activity. We advise property owners, sellers and buyers of real estate, professional realtors and agents. Analysis of documentation for real estate and counterparties, analysis of schemes for real estate transactions, contracts and related documents, settlement schemes.

We also advise our customers on management, economic security, accounting and control, organization of business processes, automation on the basis of many years of experience and recent researches.

Among the projects completed:

Analysis of the real estate market for Volokolamskoye, Novorizhskoye and Pyatnitskoye highways; Yaroslavl highway; review of the current legislation of the Russian Federation in terms of taxation of real estate transactions; issues of interaction with offshore companies and individuals – non-residents of the Russian Federation.

Analysis of financial and economic activities of construction companies, wood processing plants, wholesale and retail trade, machine-building plant;

Business plan development for mining and processing plant, alcohol production, brick factory, construction of residential complex, meat processing plant;

Business processes engineering, development of regulatory documents for federal executive authorities, commercial companies;

Audit of expenses for public institutions, construction companies.